"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

Welcome to Karukayil Family Website!

There is great eagerness in every generation to trace and preserve one’s identity with a particular family. Family histories and genealogies are quite common in Judaic Christian traditions. After all, the New Testament of the Holy Bible starts with a narration of the genealogy of Christ!

This website introduces one of the branches of the Karukayil family which stems from Kerala in South India. The local language is Malayalam, and the logo of this website is simply Karukayil written in Malayalam. Otherwise it is by and large an account of the life-journey of one of its members – George Thomas (also known as Suku) - in an autobiographical style. Names of few ancestors along with certain key dates were taken from written notes left behind by Late K. T. Thomas – father of George Thomas.

The objective of this website is to chronicle some available history for the posterity, however limited its scope, breadth and depth might be. It might perhaps encourage others from the Karukayil family to make use of the boundless web-world in similar or some other suitable manner.

The story of George Thomas is marked by the amazing grace of God. Though it is one of the numerous stories of Indian diaspora, its script hints certain distinct undertones. It is up to the readers/viewers of this website to recognize those undertones.