"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

35th and 25th Death Anniversary of Late Mr. and Mrs. K.T. Thomas

A memorial service was held on 18 March 2009 at the Christ Church Centenary Memorial Hall in Trivandrum. All their living children (Ammu, Uthaman, Achachi and Suku) were present along with the spouses of Late Bavan, Uthaman and Late Leela. Nearly 50 of the close relatives from both Karukayil and Kovoor families attended the service conducted by six pastors. One of them was an Orthodox Church priest from Karukayil  family. Mr. C. Thomas IAS (Retired) and former Chief Secretary of Kerala spoke on behalf of Karukayil family. Introductory Remarks by George Thomas at this Memorial Service are reproduced below:

Respected Vicars, family members and friends:

I am very happy and privileged to stand here today and welcome each one of you. First, let me explain the background of this get-together and prayer meeting. We wanted to celebrate the lives of our parents Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Thomas, and of our late brother Mr. K. T. Thomas (Bavachen to many and Bavachachen to me!) and of our late sister Dr. Leela John (Leelak to many and Leelachechi to me!). Our father and mother passed away 35 years and 25 years ago. Leelachechy passed away 20 years ago. Bavachachen passed away a year and four months ago. Our youngest brother-in-law Dr. Abraham Thomas passed away in Pune last year. Today is Bavachachen’s 81st birth day. Both our parents had their birth days in March. Thus, we chose this month and date and year to remember and celebrate their lives with our close family members and friends. The Christ Church in Trivandrum has a central place in my family’s faith-journey. All six of us – children of Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Thomas were confirmed here. I was baptized in this Church by late Rev. Abraham Koshy. Leelachechi and my youngest sister Kochechi got married here. Our parents are buried here. I was a small boy singing in the choir along with my two sisters when the then Emperor late Haile Selassie laid the foundation of this Centenary Hall. My last presence in this hall was in 1964 as the Secretary of Christ Church Fellowship. Yes, I must witness here that the basic steps of my own faith-journey began in this parish and under the watch of late Rev. M. V. George and late Rev. K.I. Koshy. Thus, it is with great nostalgia that I stand here today. Our parents came to Trivandrum in 1941. So our family’s connection to Trivandrum and the Christ Church is 68 years old. They came from two different backgrounds. My father belonged to the KARUKAYIL family and came with Anglican background. My mother came from the KOVOOR family with Mar Thoma background. They were two totally different personalities. Together they brought up six children with limited resources and with their own struggles. I do not propose to talk more about our parents and other departed ones. Your very presence tells us what they mean to each one of you. One thing I can say. Their light is shining through our lives and our children’s lives. They have given us certain precious values and simple life-styles. They are remembered and honored in our respective families. Their love and sacrifices are on the lips of each one of us.